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At EdLearnX, we craft the best design for your learning needs using state of the art educational technology and instructional design. Our top-of-the-class online tutors will ensure that an effective, efficient and engaging learning is delivered to you.

Bring Maths to Life

Learn how to bring the abstract mathematical ideas to life in your minds. You will learn how to transfer the abstract math concepts to a variety of real world applications. At EdLearnX, learning Math will never be rote learning but will be exciting, enjoyable and full of life!

Enhance your Learning

To enhance your learning, we use the scientific principles of teaching & learning, which are based on evidence-based research findings in the areas of pedagogy, educational technology, learning & cognitive sciences. You will use active learning course components so that your learning is guaranteed.

Learn from Home

Avoid those long travels in the congested traffic to visit your Maths tutor. Sit at the comfort of your home, and  learn in real time using our live tutoring sessions.

You can video chat with your mentor and clarify your doubts for all those difficult topics and establish your learning. 

Whether you are in any state of India or abroad, you can now learn Maths online anytime, anywhere without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Learn how Maths is Applied

Math is everywhere and is applied to everything that we do, from buying groceries, to playing, to travelling, to cooking, to planning activities, to managing your finances. Learn how to incorporate Maths in your daily life.

Learn Efficiently

Designed using sound instructional design principles, our online courses will enhance your learning.

To learn efficiently you need carefully designed online course modules along with the proper integration of technology, pedagogy, content and context.

Our professionally trained learning experts will ensure that you get the best possible learning.

Blended Maths Learning

We blend online and offline, so that you get the benefit of a regular live online interaction with a Maths teacher along with anytime, anywhere access of our online Maths course. You can use our state-of-the-art technology to discuss with your peers and get expert online help from your teacher anytime, anywhere.

Get Massive Benefits

We blend the modern technology tools to give you the best learning experience.

See and interact with your teachers live like a classroom and also learn anytime, anywhere by using the technology tools and our online Learning Management System.

Hence in blended learning you benefit by getting the best of both the worlds – offline and online.

EdLearnX Advantage

Learn more deeply & easily…

Yes, we will also teach you how to learn and study the smart way. We use the latest research in learning & cognitive science to make you learn and master your subjects deeply and easily.

You will learn how to excel at your studies.

Will Online Tutoring benefit me?

Modern technology has rapidly advanced so as to bring a paradigm shift in education. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to sit at the comfort of your own home and learn directly from the best teacher located in some other city. Anytime, anywhere access to quality education is now a reality that is now bringing massive benefits to scores of students. Online Tutoring using the Digital technology will definitely benefit you. 

Can I Learn how to Learn?

Learning to learn is a new skill that can be mastered. Like any science, learning how to learn is based on sound scientific principles. Once you understand these learning principles and the Science behind learning, mastering any subject including Maths will become efficient and easy. At EdLearnX, we teach our students the principles of learning so that they can study and master any subject…Maths included!

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is emerging as one of the best way to learn now. In blended learning, you combine online and offline learning. At EdLearnX, we provide Blended learning by combining the live online teaching along with 24 X 7 access to our online courses. In Blended learning you get the advantage of interacting and learning live through a teacher along with anytime, anywhere access to the online course. 

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Enjoy the convenience and comfort of your home. Expert help is a click away. Enjoy anytime, anywhere learning.


Come out of the false illusions of learning and make your learning more effective.


Good learning is always engaging. You engage with the learning material, your peers and your teachers.