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At EdLearnX, we craft the best design for your learning needs using state of the art educational technology and instructional design. Our top-of-the-class online tutors will ensure that an effective, efficient and engaging learning is delivered to you.

Enhance your Learning

Transform yourselves from the illusions of learning to real learning by using our structured active learning course components. To enhance your learning, we use the scientific principles of teaching & learning, which are based on evidence-based research findings.

EdTech Training

Mentoring teachers on the science of instruction and effective usage of modern educational technology inside and outside the classroom so as to equip them to be world class teachers.

Online Live Tutoring

Avoid those long travels in the congested traffic to visit your tutor. Sit at the comfort of your home, and  learn in real time using our live tutoring sessions. You can video chat with your mentor and clarify your doubts for all those difficult topics and establish your learning.  Whether you are in any state of India or abroad, you can now learn anytime, anywhere without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Scientifically Designed

Designed using sound instructional design principles, these online courses will enhance your learning. To learn efficiently you need scientifically designed online course modules along with the proper integration of technology, pedagogy, content and context. Our professionally trained learning experts will ensure that you get the best possible learning.

Best of both Worlds

We use the modern technology tools to give you the best learning experience. See and interact with your teachers live like a classroom and also learn anytime, anywhere by using the technology tools and our online Learning Management System. In the end, you benefit by getting the best of both the worlds – offline and online.

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Good learning is always engaging. You engage with the learning material, your peers and your teachers.