EdLearnX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is founded and managed by the techy couple Shoby B Mathew & Bijy Mathew. They have a combined experience of working in the computer science & IT training domain for 40 years across various institutes. They have taught using offline and online medium and have also provided educational services to learners and corporates abroad.

Shoby B Mathew is the co-founder & CEO of EdLearnX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He is a post graduate in Computer Science & Engineering and is having expertise in Data technologies, training and pedagogy. He has received training from IIT Bombay in the areas of online & blended learning, ICT in Education, pedagogy, educational technology and mentoring educators. He is also the recipient of the SAP award of excellence from IIT Bombay. His experience includes working with the Instructional Research & Design division of NIIT Ltd., New Delhi in the area of instructional design, technical writing and designing IT courseware to US clients. He also has the experience of providing IT technology training in IT companies, teaching computer science and data technologies to hundreds of students.  His twenty years of experience in the field of computer science technology and IT training domain combined with his passion for education and technology has resulted in this online venture. He is one of the trainers of EdLearnX Technologies.


Bijy Mathew is the co-founder & Director of EdLearnX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. She is a post graduate in Computer Science and has a rich experience of around twenty years in the domain of computer science and online training. Apart from teaching computer science and  IT to undergraduates, graduates, engineering and management students in various institutes, she has also worked with NIIT Online Learning Ltd., New Delhi, as an online mentor, teaching & mentoring learners world-wide. She is one of the trainers of EdLearnX Technologies.


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