EdLearnX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CIN: U80902KL2018PTC055546) is an eLearning and online tutoring company catering to the learning needs of learners from India and abroad. We provide learning solutions to the K-12, higher education, and adult learners. Our current focus of online tutoring are in Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Technology domains. We also provide online mentoring & training to teachers globally in the areas of pedagogy and educational technology.

The Web is full of free information on any topic under the sun. However, information is not instruction. Only Information will not provide the highest form of learning. For learners to get effective, efficient and engaging learning, instruction has to be carefully designed and delivered by a knowledgeable instructor. EdLearnX uses proven state-of-the-art research findings in instructional science and educational technology to provide the best technology-enabled online learning experience for the students.

Our Foundation

The foundation of our company is reflected in our logo. It has different components:

 The E in the center represents the name of the company EdLearnX

The four corners of the square represents the four pillars of our teaching-learning philosophy, which is inspired by the famous TPACK model (developed by educational researchers Mishra and Kohler). They are:

  • Technology
  • Pedagogy
  • Content
  • Context

Beneath the letter E is an invisible central pillar, which represents the invisible God holding everything together. We trust and believe in the Almighty God and He is the central pillar of this company. Finally, our learners & teachers are implied and their presence permeates in all the pillars.


The Ed in EdLearnX Technonolgies is about education. We believe education is a key component in all our lives. We ensure that you get the best possible education. This education will not only enhance your knowledge but also make you a better human being. As an educated citizen, you can bring up the economy and enhance the social fabric of the country.


The next part in our company name EdLearnX Technologies is the word Learn. Learning is a lifetime process in this era. Learning to learn is a new skill we have to acquire to survive and thrive in this age. At EdLearnX, we are committed to ensure that the learning is efficient, effective and engaging in all our interaction with the learners.


The X in EdLearnX Technologies is a variable. The X can take any value and it represents the various pedagogies and technologies that we use for our learners. We carefully use different pedagogical treatments based on the needs of the student and the content being taught. Our choice of pedagogy and technology ensures that we deliver the best online learning experience for the learners. 


Finally, the last word in our name is the word technologies. We are all reaping the benefits and fruits of all technological advances that have taken place. Education has also benefited from technology. In fact, at EdLearnX we extensively use educational technologies and other state-of-the-art communication technologies to teach our students globally anytime, anywhere.